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Flexibility, Strength & Mobility Coaching


If you have stiff hamstrings, tight hips, or a tight low back, the Science of Stretching™ approach to flexibility training can effectively and systematically create more space in the body you live in. Founded in 2007, this unique methodology has helped hundreds of thousands increase mobility, reduce pain and injuries.

  • Relieve back, neck and shoulder pain

  • Learn to move like a younger version of yourself

  • Protect and care for your joints

  • Build long, strong supporting tissues

  • Enjoy the sports and activities you love

  • Feel the youthful freedom of a flexible body

There are hundreds of stretching books and mobility routines available. The Science of Stretching™ approach uses best practices from published exercise physiology research combined with time-tested protocols from yoga, martial arts, and gymnastics to provide a solution that delivers predictable results.

This system is taught to students of all levels, including complete beginners and those recovering with injuries (but, please confirm with your doctor in advance). The goal is to re-establish basic range of motion (ROM) and flexibility. The benefits of a long, limber body go way beyond yoga poses: flexibility improves your posture, reduces pain, reduces the chances of injury and allows you to move like a younger version of yourself.


You will see measurable results after your first session.

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