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Discover Balance with Mindful Eating

What is Mindful Eating?

🌱 This Mindful Eating Workshop will help you learn how to eat mindfully and nourish your body with the practice of mindfulness. You will explore your relationship with food, discover your body's natural hunger and fullness cues, and develop more mindful eating habits. Through this workshop, you will become more aware of your relationship with food and how to use mindfulness to make healthier choices.

Making Fruit Salad
Break Free from Emotional Eating:

🌱 Gain insights into the emotional triggers behind overeating and learn techniques to channel emotions without turning to food.

🌱 Stress Reduction: Transform your mealtime into a calming ritual, reducing stress and fostering a sense of tranquility in your daily life.


🌱 Weight Management: Learn to distinguish between genuine hunger and cravings, leading to more mindful portion control and sustainable weight management.

🌱 Cultivate Gratitude: Develop a deep appreciation for the abundance of nourishing foods available and the journey they take from farm to plate.

Smart Snacking
Reconnect with Your Senses:

🌱 Immerse yourself in the textures, flavors, and aromas of your food like never before. Rediscover the joy of eating as you learn to appreciate every sensation.


🌱 Healthy Habits, Naturally: By paying close attention to your body's signals, you'll naturally gravitate towards healthier choices, supporting your overall well-being and fitness goals.


Eating Salad
Workshop Highlights:

🌟 Guided Mindfulness Meditation: Learn meditation techniques to cultivate awareness, calming your mind and enhancing your eating experience.


🌟 Interactive Mindful Eating Exercises: Engage in practical exercises designed to help you fully engage your senses and experience food in a new light.


🌟 Group Discussions: Share your journey with like-minded individuals, exchange insights, and build a supportive community.


🌟 Expert Guidance: Taught by a highly experienced mindfulness and yoga teacher; teaching mindfulness workshops, and wellness events at retreats and in the corporate setting for over 10 years. 


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