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Mindfulness Wellness Break from your desk

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Don't have time for a one-hour yoga and mindfulness practice?

Want more time opening hips, shoulders, or hamstrings but don't have time to get to a yoga studio?


Would you like to practice a different guided mindfulness session every week by an experienced yoga and mindfulness teacher? 


This session is designed particularly for the busy professional or for those who are unable to leave home for a session of yoga and mindfulness. Join me from your workspace on Zoom for 25 minutes, (in regular work/dress attire) where you will practice:

  • yoga postures to keep hips, shoulders open, strong core, and a healthy low back.

  • breathing practices to get the energy up, focus the mind as well as to lower stress

  • finish each session with a different guided mindfulness practice 

  • return to work feeling connected with your mind and body and move through your workday with a little more ease.

Contact me (or have your company contact me) for a corporate rate.
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