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Functional Yoga; What is it?

Functional Yoga is not another style of yoga but rather an approach to practicing. It frees us

the pressure of having to touch our toes or having to look like what we think a typical yoga pose or yogi looks like . It’s an approach that can be applied to every body.

"It's in your bones."

Functional yoga was inspired by Paul and Suzee Grilley. "It's in your bones" he would teach. They graphically display why no two people will ever do yoga poses the same way. If peoples' bones are different then their joints will have different ranges of motion. It’s based on the scientifically-proven premise that our skeletons, tissues, physiology, temperament and motivation are made and organized in a way that is uniquely ours. No two femur bones (the largest bone in your body) are the same size, have the same shaped hip socket, ligaments, tendons, fascia, muscle, etc. So, you may never touch your toes (and honestly, it doesn't matter), HOWEVER, you too can move forward and progress!

In short, is it working for you? How does the pose feel? If it is working for you, if it feels good, and if you are progressing forward; it’s functional – and carry on! If not, you need to change something, or many things, until it does. 

In a functional approach to yoga, I believe that all bodies can benefit from poses in their own unique way. We can enjoy a practice that is healthy, safe, nourishing, fulfilling and fun – regardless of age, background, body shape or flexibility.

In a functional approach to yoga, there's no such thing as a 'perfect' pose. With this approach, each posture is adapted to suit the needs of the individual. Simple modifications will differ from person to person so that yoga can be enjoyed by people of any age, body shape and ability.

If you and your partner, family members, colleagues have tried traditional yoga and it doesn't suit all the bodies in the room, or if you have had a yoga practice in the past and are coming back from a long pause or injury, contact me to arrange a time to practice! I currently teach semi-private classes in studio (or in your home).

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