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Tis the season...

This time of year, as we become more externally focused, and the days are long and dark my yoga practice becomes a refuge. Even a short practice can be a moment to go inward, breathe deeply and rest.

To help you stay grounded this season, here are a few small changes you can add to your daily routine and that you can add as you approach the new year.

Even a few little new habits now can support your health, help you to consciously create your new year's schedule, and help you to recommit to what is truly important to you.

Small habits that can make a big change:

🧘 take a short walk in nature every day

🧘 practice gratitude, noticing what makes you grateful and write it down

🧘 declutter to invite new energy and create space in your home & mind

🧘 create a routine that includes movement, rest & mindfulness

🧘 stay connected with others: Strong social connections can provide support, reduce stress, and improve your overall well-being.

And remember, even small habits, little by little, every day will lead to big changes.

Be well.

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