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When life becomes challenging and the storm clouds of uncertainty gather...again...finding solace in faith can be a deeply grounding experience, even if you don't subscribe to a particular religion or belief. For those who are drawn to yoga and mindfulness, there are profound ways to cultivate trust and faith in the face of adversity.

1) Trust in the Unseen Forces of Resilience: In yoga and mindfulness, we learn to trust in the often unseen but incredibly resilient forces that exist within us. Just as a tree withstands fierce winds and bends without breaking, so too can we find strength and flexibility in the face of life's challenges.

2) "Practice in the body, the mind will follow." I often remind people in class or retreats that when we simply practice rooting our feet into the floor (and rising up!), finding an equal balance between the left and right side of the body, and practicing relaxing into discomfort...very often, the mind will follow. Use your physical practice to remind your mind how to feel grounded, and supported and how to let go.

3) The Wisdom of Impermanence: These practices teach us to embrace the wisdom of impermanence. In the midst of difficulty, we can have faith that the storm will eventually pass, just as the clouds give way to clear skies. Every hardship is just a moment in the big tapestry of life.

4) Mindful Presence: By staying rooted in the present moment, we can have faith that we possess the inner resources to confront whatever life throws our way. Mindfulness teaches us to find peace in the here and now, even amidst chaos.

5) Resilience in Breath: Yoga emphasizes the power of breath and the resilience it provides. When we're struggling, a practice of deep breathing can change the state of our minds restoring a feeling of faith that all will be well.

6) Community and Connection: Trust in the support of like-minded individuals within your yoga and mindfulness community. Lean on the connections you've cultivated; they can offer strength during difficult times.

7) Self-Compassion: Understand that it's okay to falter, to feel pain, and to be imperfect. Self-compassion allows you to navigate difficulties with kindness toward yourself. When we've resourced ourselves with the practice of compassion (put on our oxygen mask first) then we can more effectively offer compassion and care to others.

8) Embracing Change: In yoga, we learn to embrace change and transformation. Have faith in your ability to adapt, grow, and evolve as you navigate the ever-changing nature of life. You've lived through some difficult times before. Have faith that, this too, shall pass.

In times of turmoil, having faith can be about cultivating a deep and abiding trust in your own inner wisdom, the interconnectedness of all things, and the beauty of life's unfolding journey. Yoga and mindfulness offer powerful tools to help you embrace life's difficulties with an open heart and a calm mind, confident that, in time, all will be well.

Be well.

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